Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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Government spend Rp 500 Billion Toll Exempt Land Project, 2013 - This year, the government allocated Rp 500 billion for land acquisition for toll road projects. This is to overcome the problems that have swollen toll investor investment.

The budget called Land Capping. It means a land acquisition fund that is listed in the Concession Agreement (concession agreement) does not match what is on the ground due to swelling investment, the difference between the fund will be covered by government funds land capping.

"By capping the land, the increase of the value of the land was absorbed by the land capping. Term That government was buying land," said Head of Toll Road Regulatory Agency, Ministry of Public Works to detikFinance Ahmad Ghani Ghazali last weekend.

Ghani pointed out, in the concession agreement contracts listed fund of Rp 100 billion for land acquisition. However it turns out, because of the difficulty of land acquisition, which causes a stalled toll road projects.

When the project will be re-developed, land prices soared, and the total funds needed for land acquisition to Rp 200 billion. Then increase the investment would be closed by land capping funds from the state budget, with notes, kelaikannya should not be more than 4%.

"So say the price was Rp 100 billion, has suddenly become Rp 200 billion, with USD 200 billion so add that we check the feasibility. Kelaikannya If it is dropped, because the investment up right, it does not drop more than 4% should," Ghani said.

Ghani said, for this year, funding government land capping budgeted Rp 500 billion. Designation is for toll roads that have swollen the value of investments in land acquisition.

"This year's Rp 500 billion in 2013 and then again for less again requested to the Ministry of Finance. Later Highways tip of the spear," he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Land Acquisition Directorate General of Highways, Ministry of Public Works, Herry Marzuki said similar things. He said, as long as the government is able to pay the land capping the fund, then the land will be paid.

Sources: detikfinance

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