Tuesday, July 9, 2013

In addition to groceries, Gold had come up ...

Welcomes Fasting Month, Antam Gold Price Selling Back Up Rp 5.000/Gram - The price of gold in Precious Metals, PT Antam Tbk still below Rp 500.000/gram. Antam's gold price this time remain as in the beginning of last week.

At the close last weekend, Friday (07/05/2013), price of gold closed down at the level of Rp 1,000 to Rp 494,000. Then the price of gold on the open fell again to Rp 492.000/gram at the beginning of last week, Monday (07/08/2013). Now, on Tuesday (09/07/2013) Antam's gold price remained at Rp 494.000/gram.
Selling price to the consumer of gold bullion or precious metals prices rose from Rp 5.000/gram buyback of 389.000/gram to Rp Rp 394.000/gram.

Here's the price of gold bullion is sold by Precious Metals Antam today:
• Denomination 1 gram Rp 492,000
• Fractions 5 grams Rp 2.315 million
• Denomination 10 grams Rp 4.58 million
• Denomination 25 grams Rp 11.375 million

"To purchase Gold Bars come Directly to PT Antam Tbk Jakarta every day we limit it to a maximum of 150 queue numbers alone," said Antam in his statement.

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