Saturday, November 13, 2010

tugas bahasa inggris

KELAS    : 1EB13
NPM      : 20210524

1.they will come if you.....them (invite)

2.she....type the latterfi she had moretime(can) will not the pass study hard

4.if you hungry,you....take something you eat(can)

5.if we....well,he would win the game(play)

6.if you had been sick,you ...some medicine(can take) you walk in the rain(sick)

8.if we dont'n try to save borobudur tample we .....(lost it) would'n pass the examination unless you ..... hard (study)

10.if he had play well,he.... won the game

11.i cannot finish this work unless
                b.don't help
                d.didn't help
12.if you try again, well
                a.eiil do
                b.would do
                c.has done
                d.could do

13.if the man.....carelessy,he would get anaccident
                b.didn't drive
                c.doesn't drive

14.we will miss the first train,unless we early
                a.get up
                c.had got up
                d.don't get up

15.she will get angry if
                a.we come late
                b.we came late
                c.we come early
                d.we came early

16.if i pass my finaltest.what...?
       will by for me
                b.will you by for me
                c.would you by for me
       would by for me

17.the doctor won't not miss the patient if.....enough medicine.              
                a.he had
                b.he has
                c.he had has
                d.he has had

18.will you tell mary abuot it?
                a.if i met her
                b.if don't meet her
                c.if i meet her
                d.if i didn't meet her

19.if you hurt him,i.... something you
                a.i would have done
                b.i should have done
                c.i might have done
                d.i would do

20.unless i know the answer,i..... the question
                a.will answer
                b.won't answer
                c.would answer
                d.wouldn't answer


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