Tuesday, May 7, 2013



  1.     You must help your mom
  à Help your Mom
  2.     You shouldn’t do that
  à Don’t do that
  3.     We had better study together
  à Let’s study together
  4.     You mustn’t be arrogant
  à Don’t be arrogant
  5.     You ought to be polite
  à You should be more polite
  6.     We don’t have to be here
  à let us go from here
  7.     You have to obey you father even when he seems to strict
  à Respect your father
  8.     We should take care or our earth
  à let's keep our earth
  9.     You shouldn’t  be like that
  à Don’t be like that
  10.  You must make your parents pround of you
  à Be a good son


  1.     You want to ask your tutor a question
  à  Would you tell me one more time, Miss? 
  2.     You at your friends house. You want to use the phone.
  à     May I use your phone?
  3.     You are at a restaurant. You have finished the meal. You ask the waiter for the bill
  à Can you give me a bill right now?
  4.     You knock on your tutor’s half open door. He’s sitting at his desk. You want to get  in.
  à Could I come in the class, Miss?
  5.     You want see agung’s dictionary
  à I can see your dictionary
  6.     You are in class, you are talking to your friends
  à Can you turn off the lights

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