Thursday, June 9, 2011


Causative “ have “ is followed by the simple form of a verb, not an infitinive.
1.    I have the plumber repair the leak ( correct )
2.    Ihad the plumber to repair the leak ( incorect )

Ø “ have “ gives the idea that “ x “ request “ y “ to  do something
Ø “ x “ has/have/had “ y “ do something ( simple form )

Have something done
(have+past participle (V3)

The past participle is used after “ have “ to give a passive meaning.
Example : I had my wacth repaired (by someone) yesterday.
Mean : I caused my wacth to be repaired by someone
a)    S+have/has+obj+v3
b)    S+had+obj+v3+past time
c)     S+ tobe+having+object+v3+at the moment/now/rightnow

Example :
a)    I have my sister clean my cuit.(clean)
b)    Jack had mike remove the cupboard two hours ago.(remove)
c)     We are having the house painted(the house/paint) at the moment

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